ACA Street Chat Case Study

Affordable Care Act survey on mobile phone

Goals of ACA Street Chat

• To give voice to the experiences of low-income people of color who are impacted by Affordable Care Act
• To use affordable, convenient, mobile technology to bridge communications between policy makers and under-served communities
• To gain feedback and insights on what is working and what is not
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Street Chat Case Study Results

How have Californians – particularly Californians of color and low-income - fared since the Affordable Care Act was enacted five years ago?
CommunityConnect Labs conducted a survey of Californians in metropolitan Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose from January to February 2015 using text messaging to connect with hard-to-reach populations.
We learned that most Californians insured through ACA give it high marks, but
many are struggling to get it.

Research Highlights

"State has Good Care If You Can Get It"
California HealthLine
Individuals from metro areas around Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose.
For people who were able to get insurance (500):
Insurance Affordability

About three-fourths of respondents (77%) said that insurance was affordable for them

Insurance Affordability responses
Copay Affordability responses
Co-pay Affordability

About 93% of respondents said that their copay charge was affordable

Healthcare Providers

85% of respondents liked their healthcare provider

Healthcare Providers responses
However, for people who stilll do not have insurance (324):
Insurance Application responses
Insurance Application
  • 57% tried and failed to get health insurance
  • Another 28% were still waiting to hear about their status

Key Metrics

824 Participants Recruited
  • Majority were people of color, and
  • More than half (56%) were of lower socioeconomic status
Key Metrics - Language, Race or Ethnicity, Education
High Level of Engagement
  •  90% street chat completion rate
  • Nearly 100% opted to take future street chats
  • Most people took the survey within 2 hours of being asked