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Proposed Tools for Nonprofits to Do Effective Outreach to Their Low-Income Clients

To perform an accurate count there is one key area for investment that can have a dramatic impact—a data and outreach platform to empower nonprofits to conduct census outreach. Nonprofits have trusted relationships with communities that are likely to be low-income and hard to count. Nonprofits also have a base of volunteers who can be mobilized to help do outreach. In prior Censuses, they have not had effective tools to reach their communities through the most prevalent digital device—mobile phones. 

By providing mobile texting outreach tools to nonprofits, we can help nonprofits quickly and effectively communicate with their clients to get them counted. Furthermore, we can directly measure key outcomes using custom URLs and forwarding phone numbers, including click-through rates to the Census website, and call-through rates to the call center.

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Download report: "An Effective Strategy To Reduce Census Undercount: Results from California Pilots of Community-Based Address Canvassing"

“Census Campaign in a Box”

2-Way Survey/Outreach Mobile Texting Tools

“Census Campaign in a Box” will enable nonprofits to easily create and manage Census campaigns that educate and activate hard-to-count people.

Nonprofits can securely upload client contact information and easily deploy a Census communications campaign. The campaign consists of nine months of education & activation messages. The campaign will be culturally appropriate and available in multiple languages.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is the most effective method for reaching underserved populations, young people, and minorities.

Key Statistics

99% of text messages are read​

97% of 18-29 year olds text​

Older teens send/receive 181 texts per day!​

Hispanics text 156% more than Caucasians

​African Americans text 224% more than caucasians

mobile subscriber statistics

*Sources: Conversational Advertising 2010, SinglePoint; Cell Phone Activities 2012, Pew Research ; How Americans Use Text Messaging 2011, Pew Research; CTIA

How It Works

1. Send community members messages on the benefits of being an enumerator, link to apply, help with application

Want a part-time job that pays $15/hr and helps your community? Reply Y/N

2. After a short survey, users receive personalized messages about the benefits of taking the Census

Did you know that the Census info you provide is only for statistical use and is not shared with any other government agency, ever?

3. Send encouraging messages with tips to fill out the Census, invite to promotional events, send reminders

You're invited to the May parade in downtown Fresno this Sat 12 - 3pm! Volunteers will available to help you fill out your survey!"

4. Send direct link to Census form online, send phone number of the Census call center, schedule visits by a volunteer to help

You can answer the Census questions in Spanish by phone. It takes just 5 minutes. Call 800-421-4545

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3/30/2018 "120 Day Deadline: How Local Governments Can Conduct Community-Based Address Canvassing to Ensure Low-Income People Are Counted"

Community-Based Address Canvassing Training

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