Census Outreach Technology Suite

Educate. Motivate. Activate.

Solutions designed for census outreach

Get multi-language, broadcast and multi-channel outreach, event notifications, and Q&A solutions all on one single platform.

Catalyze Your Community To Get Counted

Census Engagement Workshops

  • Spark local strategy and solutions on the 2020 Census.
  • Bring together leaders from your local nonprofits, businesses, foundations, and government agencies.
  • Develop and execute innovative solutions to ensure a fair and accurate count of your community.

Recruit Volunteers and Enumerators

Recruiter Connect

  • Build large pipeline of potential enumerator candidates.
  • Enable people to easily opt-in to receive messages from you.  
  • Screen candidates  and provide nudge reminders.
  • Track interested candidates.  
  • Keep qualified candidates engaged and motivated through long application process.

Answer Census Questions

Assistance Connect

  • Easily answer your community members’ census questions.
  • Enable your residents to get answers quickly and confidentiality via chatbot available 24/7 and in 8 languages.
  • Add localized content (ie: Federal funding based on the Census count pays for Salt Lake County’s headstart programs).

Provide Event Alerts and Info

Event Connect

  • Automatically send event notifications and reminders.
  • Automatically triggered by your organization’s event calendar.

Educate and Motivate Your Hard To Count Community

Outreach Campaign Connect

  • Reach your community, your clients and volunteers with compelling and timely content with Outreach Campaign Connect.
  • Easily customize, broadcast and manage your Census campaign to educate and activate people in the language of their choice.  Interactive features include content that is personalized for your recipient’s language, location and preferred communication channel  - whether that’s SMS, Facebook or WhatsApp.
  • The campaign includes educational and interactive content from our library of curated, educational census messages, timely follow-ups and motivational reminders.  It also includes  interactive features such as enabling recipients the ability to schedule with you to get help to take their census.  
  • Simply upload your contacts, select your languages, customize your greetings, schedule messages in advance, and easily deploy your census campaign.