COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Case management/CRM software solution for COVID-19 contact tracing that is scalable, proven, easy to learn and use, and HIPAA-compliant. Strong role management, the ability to easily configure COVID-19-specific scripts and alerts, the ability to easily support 3rd party integrations, and features such as automated two-way messaging can maximize the productivity of your contact tracing staff.

Secure & Trusted

We have partnered with HIPAA CRM to provide you a complete solution including a HIPAA secure CRM, self-reporting mobile app, and 2 way automated texting. HIPAA CRM is a trusted and secure platform for health data for over 16 years. It is used by over 300,000 customers including State and county Dept of Public Health, hospitals, and physicians groups.

Recruitment and follow-up via texting


Patient Data Tracking

  • Your staff can easily add new known contacts of patients, their symptoms, known contacts, locations, and more. Keep track of all new known contacts, relationships, and locations.

Calls & Voice

  • Our VoiceCRM product is powered by the latest WebRTC technology, which lets your staff call any phone number with just a click. Additional features include powerful call scripting, follow up, scheduling, and call reporting with detailed call center features.  Save staff time with robust call tracking and call scheduling and automation features. 

Automated 2-Way Texting

  • Automated two-way messaging that can help maximize the productivity of contact tracing staff. Two-way automated text messages can help your staff schedule interviews, collect data, and send time-sensitive alerts to your patients.

Call Scripts

  • Easily configure COVID-19-specific scripts. Store call scripts to make it easy for your staff to conduct interviews and to improve the quality of data collection.

Automatically Collect Self-Report Survey from Patients

  • Easily configure COVID-19-specific scripts. Store call scripts to make it easy for your staff to conduct interviews and to improve the quality of data collection.

Additional Features

Complete Communications Suite of Email, 1-Click Call, SMS Tools: Make it easy for your staff to contact patients quickly. From the platform, your staff can contact patients by 1-click dial, email, SMS, or print letters. You can also create rules-based communications campaigns based on patient profile and history. All communications are tracked and available for reporting. 

Patient Reminders: Automate regular reminders to your patients by email or SMS text message reminding them to update their symptoms or any other changes. Create automated rules for patient reminders, customize types of reminders, and when reminders should be sent.

Staff Alerts: The powerful rules-based alerts system can keep your staff and managers abreast of changes when patient data changes, such as when patients report new symptoms. Your staff can get alerts by email, SMS, or screen pop-ups. Managers can also create task ticklers or calendar reminders for staff.

Create Print Mailings: Need to send letters to patients? Easily create bulk, personalized mailings. With advanced Microsoft Word integration, you can create custom Word templates and data from the database can be automatically filled for mail merge letters. 

Accessible on Multiple Devices: Your staff can access the platform from any device – desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Use with standard web browser and with no app to download. 

Group Calendar: See and manage your own or your staff’s scheduled calls with patients. Track upcoming calls, set reminders, create tasks, enter notes, attach files, and assign tasks to one or more co-workers. 

Document Management: Need to provide documents for your patients or staff? Your staff team can quickly access public health literature, medical forms, or other types of documents. The powerful document management and doc storage is a safe, secure place to centralize your forms and documents.

Staff Time and Task Tracking: Get visibility on the time your staff spend on interviews or other tasks. Monitor the progress of your staff completing the contact tracing. Better manage your contact tracing operation by having visibility on the quality, satisfaction, and responsiveness of your staff.

Backup & Security: We use industry-standard military-grade 128-bit SSL encryption, provide regular full back-ups, and hosted on Amazon secure servers. 

Reports & Data: Get a current, comprehensive view of your patients for reporting and policy decisions. Or drill down to individual patients and get an easy, accurate view of a patients’ status and the complete communication history with a patient. Easily import and convert data from other systems. Export data at any time quickly by simply selecting file output types desired.


Get end-to-end professional services to ensure the successful deployment and use of your Contact Tracing program.


Staff training via real-time online sessions, training videos, training materials in multiple languages.

Project Management

Your team consisting of an account manager, engineering lead, data scientist, implementation lead, and implementation managers will help your agency be successful in your Contact Tracing program. We provide frequent check-ins, consultations, and coordination to ensure a well-governed process.

Tech Support

Priority email and phone support available 9am - 7pm Central

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