Digital Check-In

Meeting People Where They Are (And Where Transmission Occurs)

The Digital Check-In is the easiest way to collect contact tracing data. It replaces voluntary paper and pen visitor logs. Restaurants, bars and other businesses can simply display Digital Check-In signage.  Visitors can use their cell phone to easily text-in their contact info.


  • Get more data faster, and more accurately
  • Higher Contact Data Yield: People likely to provide contact info at Point of Service:
  • Trusted person asks (ie: host/hostess asks you)
  • Timely: pre-exposure
  • Part of normal check-in at businesses

Benefits For Businesses

  • Removes burden of maintaining the books, sanitizing book and pens.
  • Removes burden of their having to do contact tracing

Benefits For Individuals

  • Provide info as easily, conveniently and safely
  • Get alerted if you may have been exposed


  • Convenient and Fast
  • Takes 10 seconds to provide info.
  • No app to download.
  • Real-Time Data available to DPH in standardized, digital format
  • Data fields collected: Place, Time, First Name, phone, optional email
  • Additional data fields can be configured easily
  • Multi-user, parent/child permissions for account access
  • Secure, encrypted, and HIPPA compliant servers
  • Robust analytics dashboard and full data export for analysis
  • In case of a COVID exposure, data can be queried and people can be contacted by DPH rapidly
  • Integrates with your existing ecosystem and databases through available APIs