EITC Broadband Survey

About the Survey

The United Ways of California (UW) wanted to: 1.) Survey a set of callers who inquired about low-cost broadband via its 2-1-1 service to understand their current broadband status; and 2.) Guide these people, who likely qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and UW’s free tax filing and preparation assistance.

The other goals of this project - which includes both a short broadband survey and a longer survey on how individuals file their taxes - was to 1) assess the efficacy of an adaptive survey design via SMS to determine service eligibility 2) to direct qualified respondents to the appropriate tax preparation services.

Research Highlights

SMS survey responses: Reasons for Not Having Broadband
SMS survey responses: Monthly Broadband Cost
SMS survey responses: Monthly Broadband Cost by Income

Key Insights

Only about half (48%) of respondents have broadband. As with UW’s prior survey on this population, cost is by far the biggest barrier for those who do not have it.​

For broadband subscribers, the price they pay is not strongly correlated with their income level. Most people who could qualify for low-cost broadband based on self-reported income pay more for their broadband service