El Camino Nudge SMS Survey

About the Survey

El Camino Hospital is interested in the effect of “nudge” intervention on reducing soda drink consumption among low income, Latinos in the Santa Clara County.

The goal of this study - which included a pre-survey, daily health messages and a post-survey - is to understand if SMS text “nudges” can change the target participants’ attitudes towards and use of water consumption after a 14-day nudge intervention.

Research Highlights

tap water health standards text survey results
sweetened beverages consumption  text survey results
glass of water per day  text survey results
reminders to drink more water  text survey results
text reminders SMS survey results
future survey participation text survey results


SMS studies with pre and post surveys are feasible. This study had a retention rate ~80%; and 94% or more said they would participate in future surveys like this.

Pre and post SMS change in soda consumption was not substantial.

Insignificant change in number of glasses of water drunk daily.

Juice, soda and diet-soda consumption decreased; while water and unsweetened tea/coffee consumption are increased

Almost 80% of respondents felt the reminders help them to drink more water.

Majority of respondents like receiving the surveys and reminders.