Our Services & Experience Get You Results

CommunityConnect Labs enables nonprofits and government agencies to better engage with minority, underserved, and other hard to reach communities through its suite of digital solutions and services.

Our Know-How

We guide our customers through the entire implementation process. Our end to end solutions not only help to engage target audiences, but measure outcomes and report impact.

Scalable Outreach Services

  1. Experience with engaging 24M+ people on behalf of State and county governments to residents.  
  2. Expertise in outreach strategy, and content optimization.

Communication & Translation Services

  1. Experience with engaging low-income community
  2. Experience with engaging hard-to-reach communities including: Latinx, African American, & Asian-American on behalf  of State and county government
  3. Communications Services:  Creating culturally sensitive, persuasive messaging for outreach
  4. Communication Services:  Creating conversational AI. 
  5. Translation services for up to 21 languages

Data Management & Reporting

  1. Identify and Target populations for outreach
  2. Manage data from in-house sources, public and commercial sources 
  3. Data cleaning, validation, de-duping, segmentation 
  4. Provide robust reporting and analytics
  5. Help you comply with HIPAA and other government privacy requirements

Virtual Assistant Programs

  1. Ensure that your virtual assistant has been trained to  answer questions that real people have
  2. Develop content with existing content, or expand the content  to create accurate and consistent knowledge base
  3. Update the virtual assistant for new content and optimizing existing content
  4. Translation services for up to 21 languages 
  5. Provide robust metrics on accuracy, usage across different demographics of users

Digital Surveys

  1. Conduct robust surveys with 3x the response rate of traditional methods 
  2. Branching, skip logic, A/B testing

SMS Strategy & Compliance

  1. Advisory Services:  Working with carriers and configuring your API calls to enable scalable, rapid, high-thru put, high delivery rate on thousands or millions of SMS messages.  
  2. SMS Content Optimization
  3. Handling of Short Code/Long Code Application
  4. Comply with TCPA/CTIA rules
  5. Provide robust metrics on SMS delivery
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