Augment Your Workforce for
Business Services and Elections

Communication tools to save your staff time and maintain your level of service


Save staff time and money

Effectively and efficiently communicate with businesses and constituents

Provide timely and accurate information

Use Cases

Business Services

  • Update address
  • Annual renewal filing and payment


  • Renewal filing and payment
  • Update address


  • Communications to Voters
  • Election deadlines, How to Vote, Last-Minute alerts, Find polling place, find dropbox locations
  • Let voters ask questions (connect to chatbot)

Conversational 2-way Text Messaging


  • Robust 2-way SMS: Ask for responses & collect information automatically
  • Intelligent, customized messaging based on preferences of your recipients
  • Automated follow ups and reminders
  • Send millions of text messages per hour

Virtual Assistant

Benefits & Features

  • Created specifically for your state
  • Answer common questions automatically
  • Natural Language: Allow constituents to ask questions in their own tone and format
  • Easy to embed - embed once and never again. Update content in chatbot with no additional support from IT or code changes.
  • Easy to update - learn from what questions are being asked and add any gaps in questions or answers
  • Understands intent and variations on questions 

Contact Center

Benefits & Features

  • Meet constituents where they are - live chat, email, social media, phone, SMS text
  • Can be launched from any computer in any location, no landline/desk phone needed
  • Saves money and staff time over traditional phones
  • Omnichannel communication
  • Receives info from Virtual Assistant
  • Handles both inbound and outbound calls
  • Agent and Supervisor Dashboards & Reporting

Everything you need,
deployed in a matter of days.

CommunityConnect Labs’ solutions are built to meet the operational demands of governments and providers. It’s always scalable, reliable, and secure.

Fast Deployment

Your solution will be up and running in days. There’s no software to learn, there’s no monthly training. We configure and test all the software for you. You can sit back and just do your normal job.

Easy Changes

Changes are easy and quick. Our system is highly flexible and our implementation specialists are here to make changes to your workflow.  

Simple Pricing

Our total solution pricing is simple and predictable.  It includes everything - services, technology and 3rd party SMS fees. And we know that things change, so we don’t nickel and dime you for changes.

Easy to Integrate

Our modular solutions are designed to be easily customized to fit into your existing workflow - no code needed. Or you can make something fancy with our engineering resources.

Reliable and Secure

Our enterprise-class security and SLA is trusted by leading government agencies.