Custom Surveys

Run surveys customized for you and your client’s needs.

Product Overview

Project Design and Management
Our team is available to guide you through the entire process from designing an SMS survey, to importing contacts, to generating publication-quality reports.
Engagements can include:
  • End to end project management
  • Survey methodology and question design by top-tier academic researchers
  • Survey translation into Spanish, Chinese or Vietnamese
  • Outreach materials design
  • Import of contacts ​
  • QA and review of survey questions and flow
  • Analysis by data analysts Expert commentary by academic researchers
CommunityConnect Panel
We can recruit panels to match your needs. We offer you unparalleled transparency about our methods for recruiting our panels. Our high response rates reflect the high-touch ways in which we recruit our panels. ​
Our panels are recruited through real interactions with people—either in person, referred by a friend, or a client of a nonprofit.
Sample panel breakouts:
  • In person through trained recruiters: 30%
  • Referred by friends: 30%
  • Client of nonprofit: 40%

How It Works

1. Determine Your Participants
Use your own list of participants. Or, use participants from the CommunityConnect panel. You can segment by demographics as well as behaviors.
2. Create Your Survey
Write your message, questions and answer options, which can be single choice, open-ended, or select-all-that-apply. You can also dictate skip patterns where necessary.
3. Send Your SMS Campaign
Results are visible in real-time in your account. Data is displayed on an interactive dashboard, or you can download the results in excel.
4. Get Results
Send your message with just the click of a button. The message will be reviewed and QA tested by our in-house team. Your message will be sent to the selected participants.
5. Additional Consulting Services
Survey or Campaign design, Data Analysis and Expert Commentary.
flow of how Custom Text Messaging Survey works
Top researchers from our academic affiliates program including researchers from Stanford, UC Berkeley and University of Pittsburgh may be available for your project.   

Clients are supported throughout this process by our in-house services and support team.


Security and Encryption
We use industry standard security and encryption technologies, hosted on a HIPAA-compliant cloud

Collected responses are stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant database. For anonymity and HIPAA compliance, collected data is automatically wiped of personally identifiable information
Partner Integrations
Our customizable back-end database integrates with the most popular third-party CRM and email providers and can be easily extended with our API​

Our REST API allows you  to summarize, reformat, and slice and dice data using other technology tools such as R, Python, and Tableau

Case Studies

Demo The Client Experience

Text 'demo' to (415) 915-8088 to see a demo survey in action.

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