EITC Enrollment

Help low-income individuals who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit receive benefits.

The U.S. Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a refundable tax credit for low-to-moderate income working individuals and couples, particularly those with children. To qualify, individuals need to meet certain IRS requirements and file a tax return, which is a difficult process to negotiate.

Many states also have EITC programs to help families struggling on low wages make ends meet. State EITCs build on the benefits of the federal EITC and are easy to administer, with nearly every dollar going directly to the working families that the credits were created to help.

EITC Connect

Solutions built for EITC screening, education, and engagement

CCL’s simple and secure text messaging platform can be used to design an automated yet interactive campaign that keeps administrative costs down while amplifying outreach efforts.

CommunityConnect Platform

CCL’s automated texting campaign:

  • Allows low-income individuals to either opt-in or be enrolled through service providers
  • Disseminates consistent and customized information in multiple languages about the purpose and benefits of state and federal EITC
  • Pre-screens for state and federal EITC eligibility when, where, and how they are most comfortable
  • Provides tailored referrals on how to claim credit at no cost either online or through VITA sites based on location and language preference
  • Sends encouraging and timely reminders regarding tax filing
  • Conducts follow up to refer individuals to financial and other services post-tax filing
  • Provides automated tracking and reporting of text outreach efforts

United Way of California EITC Campaign Case Study

In 2017, the United Ways of CA began using our EITC Connect solutions to provide English and Spanish language versions of an EITC screening survey via SMS to clients who opted-in through their 2-1-1 system.​

2018 EITC Text Outreach Campaign with United Ways of California

20% of responding clients opted-in to the campaign

72% of clients who completed the campaign signed up for reminders

Individuals who qualified for EITC based on their survey responses were provided with additional United Way resources for application.

How It Works

Get opt-ins quickly and easily via community partners.  Or place your ads or flyers strategically to target the audience
Learn how you can get money back on EITC! Aprende cómo recibir dinero de vuelta con EITC!
Press 1 to continue in English. Presione 2 para Español
Collect information from clients to determine if they are eligible for EITC
Answer 6 short questions to determine if you’re eligible for up to $6289 in tax benefits from the government.
Provide location-specific resources for application and free tax preparation
You can use MyFreeTaxes.com to file online or find free tax prep near you. What is your zipcode?
Send scheduled or trigger-based reminders to help clients through the filing process
Did you file your taxes yet? You can get up to $6289 in benefits! The deadline to file is in 10 days.

Mobile messaging built to reach low-income people

Leverage Texting
  • 90% of low-income people have mobile phones
  • 95% of Americans text every day
  • Text messaging is free to receive on the majority of phone plans
Increase Enrollment
  • Pre-screen for state and federal EITC eligibility in an accessible format for clients
  • Send encouraging and timely reminders regarding tax filing
Communicate Benefits
  • Provide customized referrals on how to claim credit online or through VITA sites based on location and language preference
  • Easily send multi-language messages about State and Federal EITC benefits
Collect Data Easily

Automated tracking of outreach efforts including:

  • Clients reached
  • Clients screened
  • Clients qualified for EITC
  • Clients who visited online tax prep
  • Clients who were referred to local VITA sites

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