Interactive Engagement

Deepen your relationship with clients through personalized education, information, and engagement campaigns sent via text message.

Product Overview

Survey Personalization
Use our dashboard to create surveys and view real-time results of responses. Segment clients based on their responses for targeted engagement.
Slice and dice response data with our analytics tools
Dynamic Campaigns
Dynamically include information in the message that’s unique to each client and their survey responses.
Dynamically personalize the content based on language, interest area, last interaction, or other custom data for each client.
Sending responses via text message to our reminders is free, including for folks on low-cost phone plans.
For those with disabilities, our IVR surveys allow clients to provide answers via voice call.

How It Works

Opt - In
SMS Survey
Personalized Messages
Call to Action
Follow Up Survey
Next Steps

Demo The Client Experience

Text 'demo' to (415) 915-8088 to see a demo survey in action.

Example Engagement Campaigns

Earned Income Tax Credit

Do you want to take a short 3 minute quiz to see if you could get money back on your taxes?
Diabetes Health

How many cans of regular soda do you drink? Would you like to take a 3 minute quiz to find out about your health?
Local Event Outreach

Do you want to know about free, fun, local activities for your family?
SMS Survey
EITC Refund Estimator quiz
(3 questions)
Diabetes Health quiz
(4 questions)
Activity Preferences quiz
(3 questions)
Personalized Engagement Messages
Location of free tax services 

Tips on how to apply for EITC:​

- Video How To
- Step by Step Photo   How To
- Tips on what documents needed to apply to EITC
Positive and supportive messages to drink less soda​.

Tips on how to cut down on soda
Positive and supportive reminders on how to get to the activity 

Transportation tips to get to the activity
Call to Action
URL to sign up for free income tax​

Positive and supportive reminders to apply for EITC
Watch video on sugar consumption - MMS message
Watch an informational video about the event URL to sign up for event 

Location and times of events nearest to you
Follow Up Survey
Did you apply for EITC?

Did you get money back?
Health follow-up Quiz
Did you attend the event?

Were you satisfied?
Next Steps
If the participant received money back: Tips on how to make your EITC refund last
If you drank less soda: Tips on how to make your new habit last

The participant isn’t sure/didn’t drink less soda: Would you like to try again?
Date and reminder for next event


Schedule and target messages

Personalize your message based on any type of user data

Segment your list to send targeted messages

Send automated messages based on trigger activities

Reach clients via text message

Build your mobile list with multi-channel opt-ins

View and filter incoming text messages in a SMS dashboard

Free for clients to receive on smart, feature, and LifeLine Assistance ‘Obamaphones’

Integrated calls to action

Link tracking allows you to track engagement with next steps

Follow up with clients who don’t respond

Send and receive pictures

Send and receive pictures over MMS as part of your messaging campaign

Encourage clients to interact with you visually

Quickly create interactive surveys

Text multiple-choice questions and view real-time results of user responses  

Automatically save responses to users' profiles into unlimited custom fields

Segment users based on their responses for targeted engagement


Security and Encryption
We use industry standard security and encryption technologies, hosted on a HIPAA-compliant cloud

Collected responses are stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant database. For anonymity and HIPAA compliance, collected data is automatically wiped of personally identifiable information
Partner Integrations
Our customizable back-end database integrates with the most popular third-party CRM and email providers and can be easily extended with our API​

Our REST API allows you  to summarize, reformat, and slice and dice data using other technology tools such as R, Python, and Tableau

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