Text Reminders

Quickly and easily reach clients, volunteers, and donors via text message.

Product Overview

Simple Interface
Set reminders to automatically message clients about events or deadlines.
Upload contacts, send text messages, and schedule messages.
Personalized and Relevant
Send messages to a group of people.
Dynamically personalize the content based on language, interest area, last interaction, or other custom data for each client.
Easy Follow Ups
Reporting tools make analysis and follow-up simple.
Quickly and easily engage with clients about next steps.

Use Cases

Application Deadlines
Remind clients of upcoming deadlines for scholarships, workshops, or other applications
Event Attendance
Send automated, date-based reminders for individual appointments or group events
Customized Reminders
Send personalized messages to your clients based on any data that’s relevant
Collect Quick Feedback
Get immediate feedback from your clients on time-sensitive questions


Schedule and target messages

Personalize your message based on any type of user data

Segment your list to send targeted messages

Send automated messages based on trigger activities

Reach clients via text message

Build your mobile list with multi-channel opt-ins

View and filter incoming text messages in a SMS dashboard

Free for clients to receive on smart, feature, and LifeLine Assistance ‘Obamaphones’

Integrated calls to action

Link tracking allows you to track engagement with next steps

Follow up with clients who don’t respond

Send and receive pictures

Send and receive pictures over MMS as part of your messaging campaign

Encourage clients to interact with you visually


Security and Encryption
We use industry standard security and encryption technologies, hosted on a HIPAA-compliant cloud

Collected responses are stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant database. For anonymity and HIPAA compliance, collected data is automatically wiped of personally identifiable information
Partner Integrations
Our customizable back-end database integrates with the most popular third-party CRM and email providers and can be easily extended with our API​

Our REST API allows you  to summarize, reformat, and slice and dice data using other technology tools such as R, Python, and Tableau

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