SNAP Enrollment

Educate, motivate and enroll your clients

$20B in Unclaimed Food Stamps
12M low-income individuals

How It Works

Reduce the drop-off in applicants who fail to complete the process. Provide supportive messages with tips, information on next steps, and options to contact you.
1 Day After
“Hello, this is Steve, from Second Harvest Food Bank. Were you able to finish the SNAP/food stamps application yesterday? Reply Yes or No (or let me know if you have questions!)”
4 Days After
“Hi, this is Steve again from Second Harvest Food Bank.  Have you finished your SNAP/food stamps phone interview yet? Reply Yes or No. If not, call (555) 206 - 1234 to set it up”
10 Days After
“Hi Carl, were you able to submit all of your SNAP/food stamp documents yet? Reply Yes or No. Let me know if you need any help figuring out how to do that”
25 Day After
“Hi Carl, this is Steve.  It’s almost been a month since you applied for SNAP/food stamps. How did it go? Did you get approved? Let us know!”
Screened Eligible
Completed Application
Completed Phone
Verification Docs

Follow-Up Monitoring

Get detailed data on food consumption. Collect information about food consumption immediately after meals. Collect rich-data photos of available food in a client's refrigerator to enable your data to tell a story. A photo, providing rich data on their food security.

food consumption
Rebecca, 39,

living with spouse
available food in fridge

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