The Platform

  • Where you can track all messages received/sent
  • Add labels to your messages
  • Send messages directly to your users
  • Export Messages
  • Where you can see all users that you have
  • See the groups that you have created
  • Easily check or manage the user's fields
  • Ask your users if they are willing to receive SMS from you
  • Create your flows to interact with your users
  • Organize them through labels
  • Download the results in a CVS file
  • See how many users interacted with your flow
  • View interactive graphs to see your campaign performance
  • Filter by question
  • Export the results
  • Customize reports
  • Create and edit your campaigns
  • Add/edit events
  • See upcoming and last events
  • Create triggers to users get in touch with your flows
  • Check All the triggers that you have created
  • Search for a specific trigger
  • Add new channels to your Organization (Twilio, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Check the balance of your account
  • Add more credits
  • Add more idioms to your flows

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