Text Messaging Tools for EITC Enrollment

Help low-income individuals who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit receive benefits.

The U.S. Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a refundable tax credit for low-to-moderate income working individuals and couples, particularly those with children. It's the nation's largest and most powerful anti-poverty program.​

To qualify, individuals need to meet certain IRS requirements and file a tax return, which is a difficult process to negotiate. The IRS estimates over 4 million eligible individuals annually don't file. 

Community-based EITC campaigns for outreach and tax preparation can make a substantial impact on families and communities. Community Connect Labs worked with the United Way of California to increase awareness of EITC and use of United Way's MyFreeTaxes services using SMS texting.

Text Messaging Helps Individuals Navigate Services

EITC is a powerful program, but navigating the qualification and enrollment process is difficult. Text messaging is an accessible and scalable way for you to help your clients find the services that are right for them.

1. Allow clients to opt-in to information about EITC and provide information for pre-qualification.

We are contacting you because you may also be eligible to get up to $6289 from the government. You may get money even if you do not pay any taxes. Last year more than 27 million people got money. Answer 6 short questions to find out if  you can get money. Reply Y for yes or N for No.

2. Provide resources for other benefits and services.

Did you know that you can use MyFreeTaxes.com to easily file your taxes and apply for EITC? Reply Y for more info.

3. Send encouraging reminders based on dates, application status, or custom data.

Did you file your taxes yet?  You could get up to $6289 and most checks are sent within 21 days!  Get money in time for your next rent check by signing up now for MyFreeTaxes.com

United Way of California Enrollment Campaign Results

The United Way used Community Connect's tools to provide English and Spanish language versions of an EITC survey via SMS to clients who opted-in through their 2-1-1 system. ​

Individuals who qualified for EITC based on their survey responses were provided with additional United Way resources for application.

82% of people who completed the EITC screening and were deemed likely to qualify, clicked to sign up for additional United Way services (MyFreeTaxes)

60% signed up for reminders throughout the tax application process

Platform Benefits

Leverage Texting
  • 90% of low-income people have mobile phones
  • 95% of Americans text every day
  • Text messaging is free to receive on the majority of phone plans
Support Clients
  • Low-income clients have low response rates for email and phone calls because of lack of regular internet or landline access
  • Text messaging is a secure and convenient way to engage with clients
Improve Outreach
  • Automate repetitive reminders and follow-up calls
  • Send useful links to information and application resources
  • Communicate and support clients through the enrollment process
Collect Data
  • Quickly and easily collect data to screen for program eligibility
  • Conduct short, regular surveys of clients to measure impact and generate high-quality data for stakeholders
  • See data visualized on charts and tables immediately
Personalize Messaging
  • Personalize communications based on any type of client data
  • Segment your client list to send highly targeted and relevant messages
  • Send automated messages based on custom trigger activities
Increase Enrollment
  • Quickly collect information for program eligibility via text message and only direct eligible clients to apply
  • Provide regular reminders and information throughout the application process
  • Send custom reminders to clients who haven't completed the process

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