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  • Outreach: Collect inbound opt-ins from potential clients
  • Screening: Clients can take photos of verification documents and send them to you via text
  • Follow-ups: Communicate and support clients through the enrollment process
  • Personalized: Send reminders tailored to your client
  • Send practical resources: Send location, directions and transportation info
  • Scheduling: Create trigger-based rules for reminders for different programs
  • High response rate: Collect data from clients efficiently
  • Faster data collection: Easiest way for clients to respond
  • Data dashboard: See data visualized on charts and tables immediately

Easily Create Scalable Campaigns Using Text Messages

Engage Your Clients via Text Messaging

Your Needs
Our Solutions
Your Benefits
Nonprofits Needs
It’s time-consuming and challenging to engage low-income clients.
  • Low-income clients have low response rates for email and phone calls because of lack of regular internet, cell plan, or landline access
  • The number of low-income people who need services are increasing, but nonprofit staff and budgets are not
Our Solutions
Interactive text messaging to improve outreach to low-income clients
  • 90% of low-income people have mobile phones
  • 95% of Americans text every day
  • Text messaging is free to receive on most phone plans
  • Text messaging reaches your clients where they’re at
Your Benefits
  • Reduce staff time spent on repetitive calls to clients
  • Reduce the barriers for your clients to communicate with you
  • Get higher response rates from clients
  • Collect responses faster
  • Automate repetitive reminders and follow-up calls
  • Send useful links to live traffic, public transportation, and location information
Mayor Sam Licardo
Thanks to CommunityConnect Labs for helping our city leverage innovation to simply – and effectively – collect location-based data for our Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA)
Sam Liccardo
Mayor, City of San Jose
We can do more effective outreach, more often
Katharine Bettendorf
Peninsula College Fund
The groundbreaking use of text messaging as a survey strategy in this project will inform the work of others examining the experiences of underserved Californians.
Padmini Parthasarathy
Program Director, The California Wellness Foundation
The two biggest benefits: thoughtful design and sharp & quick data analysis
Pete Manzo
United Ways of California

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"120 Day Deadline How Local Governments Can Conduct Community Based Address Canvassing to Ensure Low-Income People are Counted"

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CommunityConnect Labs provides high-quality and affordable tools for government and service providers to reach low-income and hard-to-engage individuals.

We enable the delivery and analytics of campaigns ranging from simple reminder messages to custom, interactive surveys.