Public Charge Assistance

Confidential and multilingual screening to help immigrants understand their eligibility for benefits. 

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Public Charge changes will broaden the list of public assistance programs causing immigrant enrollees seeking permanent residency in the U.S. to be labeled as a “public charge.”

These changes are expected to cause many qualified recipients to drop their assistance programs for fear of losing their right to be in the U.S.  

Program administrators will face an increase in individuals inquiring about these changes or dropping out of benefits programs.

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Mobile messaging chatbot that empowers organizations to:

  • Automatically confirm individuals’ eligibility for benefits
  • Educate individuals on new rules and direct them to legal assistance
  • Convenient, confidential communication via web chat or SMS in the user's language (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese)
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Immigrants Are Confused About the Public Charge Ruling

There are 47 million immigrants living in the USA, which equates to 14 percent of the overall population. Keep them informed on how they are impacted.

CommunityConnect Labs Public Charge mobile messaging campaign

How the Public Charge Assistance Tool Works

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Individuals text in to a designated number to start the conversational screening process

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They are then prompted to answer a couple of questions about themselves by text

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Submitted answers are then used to calculate if the person is still eligible for benefits 

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Individuals determined to be affected by public charge will be referred to local pro bono legal services 

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Reminders and follow-ups are sent to encourage affected individuals to seek out pro bono legal services